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About Us

What We Do

At StrengthIQ, we believe a holistic approach to rehab and performance training is equal parts education and execution.

Our online programs and content give you the how and why behind your rehab and training methods. 


Our mission is to arm our clients the with tools and insight necessary to live pain free, move well and perform at your best. 


We provide an educational platform, 1-on-1 coaching for athletes of all types and performance programs rooted in science and experience. 

Who We Are

Nick and Alex are performance physical therapists and strength coaches practicing in Providence, RI. Throughout their careers as healthcare providers they have identified many shortcomings of the traditional physical therapy model. Nick took action in 2018 launching a brick and mortar physical therapy clinic aimed at providing world class rehab and performance training that was accessible to the local community. In 2021, Alex joined the team and together they founded Strength IQ as a resource to their current clients and beyond.

Nick and Alex are passionate educators and practitioners that walk the walk. With combined 15 years experience working with a motivated clientele ranging from recreational to elite level athletes Nick and Alex have forged a new brand of health care that puts you in the driver seat to your goals. 

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